We’ve arrived and survived our first day. We’re both just about ready to crash into bed……it’s 8pm…’s been a busy few days/weeks! On Saturday we squeezed our 4 cases and 4 pieces of hand luggage closed and piled them into mum’s poor car who took us to the airport for us to say our goodbyes and fly off to London for an overnight stop. imageWe had an afternoon exploring London and met our lovely friends for a meal at the Selfridges rooftop restaurant Le Chalet. image We had delicious food, cocktails and a catch up. It was a great way to spend our last, very cold, night in UK. The restaurant is alpine themed full of fairy lights and trees, it was fun.

On Sunday we made our way back to the airport, collected our cases and checked in. Breezed through security and up to the lounge. I got to people watch in my favorite seat overlooking security and we got upgraded to Club World. It was a really good day, everything went in our favour! I love the lie-flat seats, the real plates and glasses and that you can stretch your legs right out and still not touch the seat in front of you, it’s like being in a little cabin all to yourselves! We tried to act cool and like we belong there this time but I do like to play with all the buttons! Of course, as expected, Chris fell asleep the moment the wheels left the ground even though it was 3pm in the afternoon….. image……..if you ask him, despite the photographic evidence, he’ll strongly deny it….he can never get to sleep on planes apparently!

Our  bags were already on the carousel in one piece once we we got through immigration and all next to each other so no waiting around till the very end like last time! The journey to the car hire centre was fun as we both had a heavy luggage trolley to steer….if you’re passing through Phoenix arrivals look out for the scrape marks on all the walls and doors that I hit on my way out!! All the luggage fitted easily into the car, no Tetris skills required this time and we were leaving the airport less than 90 mins after we had landed.  We checked in to our hotel and have a lovely room overlooking the pool with a balcony. The hotel seems nice which is lucky as its home for the next 17days until we get our apartment.

It’s taken me so long to type this (ipad novice!) that it’s now 9.06 and I can barely keep my eyes open… be continued tomorrow…..time for bed!


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