Today is Wednesday or “hump day” apparently. I’ve passed a few signs at shop doors telling people to be happy, there’s only 2 days left till weekend. That means today is only our third day but we’ve done a lot already!

Monday: I drove for the first time in USA. Only 5 mins down road to Starbucks at 6am in morning so it was reasonably quiet but it was still traumatic enough for both of us! We went to the bank at 7am and opened our bank account. We had pancakes for breakfast and Chris went to work for his first day as an American employee.

I made a deal with Chris, he could have In-N-Out burger for tea, if he would chauffeur me to IKEA. Needless to say the deal was accepted and we had our first al fresco tea followed by a quick whizz around IKEA to test out mattresses. We had a quick coffee break to stop Chris falling asleep while trying out the beds and he managed to cover everything in coffee by putting ice from a machine into a full cup of coffee…..ice first next time! We didn’t get thrown out and had time to stop by my mum and dad’s favorite part of IKEA “Bargain Corner” or “As is” as its called here.


Tuesday: Chris went to work. I walked down Scottsdale Road at 8am in morning which was fine, much tougher to walk back at 2pm hoping my poor pasty skin didn’t get burnt and carrying a bag full of groceries! Had my second driving lesson. I did my first u-turn and parked 3 times! Chris was very patient as I do like the right side of the road (“KERB!!!!!!”). I feel like I’m going to stall when I slow down as there is no clutch, the cars are automatic and I need to practice turning left! When we got home, I got back to doing what I do best, I unpacked aaaaaaaalllllll of our stuff….inspected the 2 breakages (1 wine glass and 1 plate so far) and rearranged everything so we can actually find things now and we’re living in less of a bomb site! Don’t  worry everyone…..the vacuum packed cushions are still intact, we were really worried they might re-inflate mid flight and burst out of the suitcases!!


All of our worldly possessions!


Maybe be a few too many jumpers and scarves!……although the AC can get a bit chilly!

Tonights plan is to get some exercise by walking to tea. The weather is really nice so far, we’re going to make the most of it before it gets too hot (an unusual concept!) and I think we’ve earned a drink or two!!


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