We’ve had an action packed weekend of car and furniture shopping!

Our only purchase so far (starting small and building up) is a Keurig machine and we’re both over excited at the thought of being able to try all the different K-cups and being able to make coffee in our room in the mornings.

Other things we did this weekend?

We had another delicious breakfast at Over Easy. Reece’s pieces pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns a real treat!

We had an outdoor lunch and Starbucks anniversary birthday cake frappuccino with pink cream  at Desert Ridge, they have good shady umbrellas!


We drove to a furniture store and did a “drive by” as we were too scared to get out the car! (next time we will street map places before we visit). Drove to another weird looking furniture warehouse and this time decided to be brave and go in (all of the cars in the car park had windows and no visible bullet holes this time, that’s our criteria for getting out of the car!!) it was surreal walking into a very imposing miserable looking warehouse to a Barker and Stonehouse type showroom inside, the furniture and people were all the nicest we’ve seen so far! We were pleased we went in!

We had Chris’ favourite fish tacos from Coconut Tacos.

We visited The Container Store – I love this shop, it’s amazing!!

We had our first takeaway pizza from Wholefoods, it was really good but huuuuuuge, far too big for only 2 people!


I am making some driving progress, we went on the freeway….yes it was 7am on a Sunday morning and we only went 2 exits but it’s a start, I didn’t panic and we’re still speaking! We returned the Mazda and now have an Escape so I have to get used to that before I try out the freeway again!

This weekend has flown over, full of jobs but we still managed to squeeze in some fun in the sun!


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