This weekend we decided to have an adventure! We left at 6 am and were at the south rim of the Grand Canyon by 9.30. You know…. just a casual trip to the GRAND CANYON!! We are so lucky!!

We passed the time in the car by trying to name as many James bond theme song singers we could….we got stuck pretty quickly. I hadn’t realized that once you get to Flagstaff all the climbing is done. I was expecting it to be like the alps, up and up and up and then look over the edge, this was just a long, flat, very straight road…7000ft above sea level!

We were amazed at the size and detail you can see, even though you see pictures online and on TV, it really is beautiful in real life.


We walked 2 miles or so along the rim (quite literally in places) to the village and then took the shuttle bus a bit further and walked back. Walking the rim was our favorite thing to do. There’s not as many people as at the viewing points, you’re on your own most of the time and with each step and turn the view changes dramatically. I was brave and crawled to the edge for a picture, Chris, sensibly, couldn’t be coaxed.


I did feel like it would be easy to stumble and fall on some of the trails. You don’t appreciate how high up (7000ft) you are until you peer down!


The weather was perfect, sunny and hot enough to eat ice cream but not too hot for walking. It was amazing to see all the different shapes and colours of rocks and the Colorado river and rapids down below.

DSC_0890We overheard a lady asking if it was man made….Disney missed a trick there!

The first of our mini-adventures, hopefully many more to come!


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