It has been 1 month since we moved into our apartment and we’re making slow progress on the decorating front….we’re having too much fun doing other things, we’ve hardly been in! A few people have asked to see pictures of progress so far, so voila…..

Our sofa should arrive next month, we’re still using a mattress on the floor (no one needs to see that!) but we do now have a dining table to sit at with 2 dining chairs (the other 2 had to be returned, they were green not grey like the website suggested!).


I got the grey stripy chair for the living room, but I’m using it as a typing chair at the table while we wait for our sofa, it’s very comfy. I’ve been eyeing it up ever since I saw it last year, I think it will look lovely in our bay window when we go home! We didn’t really bring any “decorative items” due to lack of space but we did bring some of our pictures for the wall. Next job is to find frames and how to hang them without destroying the walls! I also have my eye on a vase in Target….don’t tell Chris….but watch this space!

Last week we got outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, the day we got our furniture, it was a strange freezing cold and rainy day (we cursed the weather I think!) but since then, the temperature has been creeping back up to the 90s again.


We’ve had breakfast and tea on our balcony and I think we’ll use it a lot. We’re going to get some lights and maybe 2 more chairs incase we get visitors! The cushions survived being vacuum packed, they’re just a bit wrinkly but I’m sure the heat will soon sort that out. I love having an outdoor rug so our feet don’t get dirty!

This week I have a shoe rack to build (not too taxing!) and the spare bed frame…..that might be Chris’ job!


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