3 day weekend for Chris, the American version of a bank holiday!

We’ve been so busy for the last 6 months that we decided to try to have a super relaxing long weekend (well as relaxed as we can be!!)

We started off with a fun Friday night watching the Paddington Bear movie with our friends on a giant outdoor screen.

Saturday, we had coconut pancakes for breakfast and then a wander around the shops. In the evening, we had fun at the outdoor marketplace watching a live band and people dancing along.

Sunday, we took advantage of what could be the last of the “cool” weather (29 degC!) and walked the 3 miles to a lovely shopping/restaurant area. We had lunch and cocktails (no car to worry about!) and watched people splashing in the fountains. On our walk home we enjoyed the view of the mountains and drank milkshakes to give us the energy to get home (that’s our excuse anyway!!).

Monday, we went on a mini-adventure. We drove up to Prescott and across to Jerome. It was nice to wander around the town of Prescott and then drive up and over the mountain to Jerome which has houses built into the hillside on stilts and used to be a large copper mining town. The views were amazing. On the way back, we stopped off for a picnic in Cottonwood which looks like something out of Pixar’s Cars film and we saw plenty of classic old american cars and trucks pass by. There was even a beaten up, old brown tow truck on the side of the road which could have been Mater himself!


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