What an awesome name for a town! This was our Sunday morning drive this week. We had a lovely time wandering around the town centre which has an amazing collection of cacti. Finding new and interesting looking cacti is our new “thing”! I may share/bore you with some of the ones we’ve found soon!


Carefree also has the “third largest sundial in the Western Hemisphere”. It was correct, 10.04 am when we checked it!


There is also a lovely fountain over the path…


Chris stopped to take this photo…


…and didn’t realise he was one step away from falling in!!


After we saved him from soggy feet, we decided it was best for him to stand under the fountain, not in it!


Next, we drove on to Cave Creek and saw the “Frontier Town” which is a collection of buildings preserved in the “Wild West” style. It was a bit too hot to go exploring so we decided to pick a random main road to drive along and see where it took us….


See where the yellow lines come together? That’s the abrupt end of the “main” road into a pile of dust! No signs, no warning! Maybe it’s time to invest in a map!


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