I came out with…

Dark chocolate to try making a different version of S’mores.

Ghirardelli because they’re delicious

Cookies because we haven’t tried that flavour

Chips to go with salsa

Bowl….to put salsa in….

Handbag because it looks very similar to the one that I like that is $300!

Bagels because that was what I went in for



MY VASE!! Yippee!! I’ve looked at it every time I go shopping and today it was the last one left and it was reduced and I had the car so I could carry it safely….it was meant to be!!

It was nearly much worse –  not only was the vase “on clearance” so was the handbag, bowl, cookies and chocolate….some fish-shaped plates, a lamp and a garden seat (we don’t even have a garden!) also almost came home with me too! I think I may have to have supervised trips to Target from now on, especially in sale season!


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