Chris had a great idea recently that we would attempt to try a new restaurant each week. Although we have been trying to eat out less (better for the waistlines!) everyone is allowed a weekly treat, right?!

Reading about food, recipes and restaurants is one of our favorite things to do so I thought it would be nice to record where we try and what we eat so we can keep track of our favorites.

If you’re hungry…look away now!!

Let’s start with a good one…Zinburger.

During our first 2 months here we had a phase of “burger Monday ” which was quickly stamped out as too many calories were being consumed! Zinburger was the first non-fast-food place we tried for burgers and they were delicious. So delicious we’ve been twice. The first time we had cocktails as a treat, the second time we had milkshakes……yummy yummy yummy!

The milkshakes were some of the best we’ve ever had and we’ve actually been tempted to go back just for the milkshakes alone….and the burger….and the chips – with chillies and cheese!!


So far this has been our favourite restaurant but there are still plenty of new places to try to see if anywhere can beat it!


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