As always, Disneyland was great! The drive was fine, it only takes about 5 hours. The road is pretty straight and boring but we had an interesting break in Palm Springs and we spotted Air Force One parked at the airport as the President was there playing golf!

We stayed in a nice hotel and it was an easy walk from the parks which was handy as they were open until midnight this time and Chris and I managed to stay out late most nights. We spent three days in the parks. We went under the sea,spinning in teacups, up mountains, on runaway trains, rode elephants, raced cars and even met the Mouse himself! We had a lot of fun on the rides with our friends and two very brave/excited 4 year olds who loved all of the big rides including Tower of Terror (which both Chris and I, at the age of 30+ have to “man up” to ride!). We watched the amazing Paint The Night parade which has really catchy music and lots of fancy light effects. The fireworks were some of the biggest we’ve ever seen as it’s Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary this year. They were so good we managed to watch them 3 nights in a row! The weather was lovely, so much cooler than here at night so we could walk around easily, I even had to wear a jumper once the sun went down! We had such a good time and we’re so lucky it’s close by….hopefully we can make Disneyland an annual trip?!!


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