I know they’re not quite the lyrics to the song but that’s what we sang all the way over to California!

We spent Friday afternoon walking around Balboa Island, which is a tiny island of million dollar houses, in Newport Beach. The streets are really pretty and lot’s of the houses have boats parked outside. We would happily live in any of these houses!

We walked across from our hotel over the bridge but next time if we’re feeling brave we could take the “ferry” to the main part of the beach. I say ferry, it’s more of a giant raft which can take 3 cars and a handful of pedestrians on the 5 minute journey across the marina!

Saturday, we ate a yummy breakfast at Plums Cafe of Santa Fe Eggs Benedict and Hazelnut pancakes then walked a few miles along Huntington Beach watching all the surfers out at sea. We ate at R&D Kitchen at the Fashion Island mall which was delicious and walked to Sprinkles for some ice cream treats!

Sunday, we ate at the amazing Beachcomber Cafe at Crystal Cove. It’s directly on the beach, you have to walk to it from an inland car park as they don’t let cars near to try to preserve the beach. There is a row of cute cottages right beside it that you cant rent, they look like a lovely place to stay on a future trip?!

We spent the day walking around our favourite places in Laguna. We walked all the way along the beach with our feet in the sea to keep cool. The waves were pretty big this time. There were a lot of people surfing and we ended up getting pretty wet thanks to some wild waves!

After ice cream we headed to Heisler Park to sit in the shade on our new camping chairs! We got the perfect spot overlooking the sea, underneath the palm trees where we got married!

We had such a nice weekend. It’s definitely worth the drive as we were able to actually go outside and walk for miles which we can’t do here and at night we could sit out and eat our tea!


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