3 days, 3 delicious ice cream treats in California!

1. Dolce Gelato

Possibly our favourite ice cream full stop?! We’ve been here on each of our Laguna Beach trips ( so 4 times now!) and we’ve loved every ice cream flavour we’ve ever had here. This time it was Strawberry guava lime, Coconut, Brown butter chocolate chip and Salted maple caramel. All absolutely delicious! The people are really nice too, last time we were here the man actually used the phrase “is that all she wrote?!” (it means “is that everything?” Chris and I use it all the time!)

We always sit in the window and this trip was no different, right next to this picture (on the left)

which is one of our favourites too and was the inspiration for our picture purchase (on the right)!

2. Pinkberry

We do like frozen yoghurt but this was our first “fro-yo” since we arrived! Unfortunately, you can’t get Pinkberry in Arizona (and it’s no longer in Selfridges in London, FYI!) They didnt have our favourite flavour coconut this time but they did have a dairy free tropical mango which was yummy, like a mango sorbet.

FullSizeRender 17

We always have fresh fruit as topping here, that’s one of the reasons we like it so much! There are frozen yoghurt shops here, we need to be brave and try a different brand, we might be missing out!

3. Sprinkles.

Luckily, we only have a Sprinkles bakery here, not an ice cream shop else we would be tempted to visit too regularly!

These are Sprinkles sundaes….

They chop a cupcake of your choice in half and sandwich a giant blob of ice cream in between! They also did cookie sandwiches and cupcake top sandwiches which looked just as delicious! Understandably, it was very popular, the queue was out the door. A perfect holiday treat!

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