It’s taken me over an hour to work out how to do this ( I had to google every term….widget, dashboard, appearance, settings?!!) but I have managed it, all by myself (feeling ridiculously proud, as you can probably tell!)

What have I done?

I have added a box, hopefully down at the bottom of the page, on the right, in the red bit (or the “foot sidebar” as I believe may be its technical name….thank you google!). The box is to put your email address into and it will send you an email whenever I put a new post up. As I know a lot of the people reading this don’t have a WordPress account, I thought this might be an easier way for you to know when there’s something new to read and keep in touch?

I’ve tried it myself and it seems to work, it also gives you the option to unsubscribe at anytime so if you get sick of the emails you can cancel them easily. Hope that makes sense? Please don’t feel that you have to use it, I just thought it would be a useful thing for some people rather than having to search for it every time!

Enough of my waffling! And yes, I know I have a husband who could probably have done this in 2 seconds flat but I have to put my hours of high school IT lessons creating Publisher calendars to good use!!


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