This was our breakfast venue of choice for the last day of our road trip. It had very good reviews on Tripadvisor and Yelp and we can see why! All the reviews said the wait can be huge here so we arrived for it opening at 7am…the early bird catches the worm! We were rewarded with one of the best seats in the house, right on the outside of the terrace, overlooking the ocean.

The cafe is set right on the beach itself beside a row of cute cottages that you can rent. You park on the opposite side of the Pacific Coast Highway and walk to the cafe which is good for building up an appetite! It looked like most of the seats were outside and they had lots of umbrellas up to provide shade from the sun. The weather was perfect at this time of the morning to sit outside! IMG_6208 We were tempted by the house special, Beignets, but we knew there would be too much food to eat anyway so we resisted. The people next to us had them and they looked delicious (note for next time!) We had coconut and macadamia pancakes with coconut syrup which were delicious and grilled vegetable chile relleno which was really unusual and tasty. It was a grilled poblano pepper stuffed with cheese, vegetables and spicy sauce served with eggs. IMG_6219 The coffee was drinkable (usually the best compliment that you’ll get from us at an American breakfast place!) but the lovely al-fresco setting was what really made it a special breakfast. We’ll definitely go back next time we’re passing, we’re sad that we missed it on our previous trips!

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