This weekend’s adventure was to see, what is believed to be, the largest natural travertine bridge in the world. It is 183ft high and 150ft wide and apparently it was found by a Scotsman in 1877.

The car park and viewpoints are actually on top of the bridge and you hike down a reasonably steep trail to view the bridge itself. The view as you get there is worth it!

The bridge is huge, amazing to think it formed naturally!


There are 3 little waterfalls that pour (well, trickle at this time of year, it is the desert!) down one side and you can the details of the rock very clearly.

There are big rocks underneath the cave-like bridge which people use to climb through and out the other side. As we’re both reasonably clumsy we decided climbing over the slippery, smooth rocks was not a good idea! You can see from the back of the bridge how much water is in the cave to wade through, we would have got pretty wet feet!


It was lovely and cool at the bottom of the bridge and we were happy just sitting in the shade it produces, watching other people tackle the rocks. If you look carefully at the front of the next picture, you can see the tiny people, they look like Borrowers!


The climb back up was more difficult as the pesky sun made it very hot, summer is not the best time to visit these places, even if you visit early! ¬†Luckily we found a shady spot on top of the bridge where we could recover and eat our picnic….at 11am in the morning….climbing is hungry work!


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