This is a Mexican restaurant, with no donkey on the menu!

This restaurant is in one of our favourite areas that we’ve found so far, near a very posh hotel and set amongst the giant rocks of “The Boulders”.

Whenever we go to a Mexican restaurant, we get the guacamole. This is what we use to start to judge whether it’s going to be a successful trip or not! Chris makes THE BEST guacamole, it’s very similar to Chipotle and has a lot of lime and coriander which we like. It also has no tomatoes which I prefer. So restaurants have a lot to live up to!


Luckily, the guac was good, the chips were nice, fresh and crispy….it was a good start!

I stepped waaaay out of my comfort zone and had roasted pork with green chili bacon “mac and cheese” and bourbon-ancho chili sauce. It was very filling due to all the pasta but actually really tasty and different. Not overly cheesy like most mac and cheese can be. The meat had a slightly sweet, smoky flavour which is very different from the type of food I would usually eat. I really enjoyed it.


Chris had arbol chile marinated steak with an avocado-tomatillo sauce, chile potato cakes and tortillas. He loved it. I tasted his potatoes, they were like giant croquettes (nothing like school croquettes!) but slightly spicy with a lot of flavour, they were amazing!

We both had a tough time choosing what to have as there were so many good options on the menu. The food and the staff were so nice that we’ll definitely go back to try more and hopefully save room for desert next time. I’ve always wanted to try fried ice cream and they serve theirs with Kahlua-raspberry sauce….sounds yummy!



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