Last weekend we got up early to beat the heat and went for a walk around Old Town Scottsdale. It was pretty much deserted as it seems to be a reasonably touristy area with a scattering of hotels and quite a few restaurants but it’s probably the most walkable part of Phoenix we’ve found yet so we thought we’d show you around!

The streets in this area have a “wild west” feel to them, the buildings are wooden and the pavement is covered with a porch in many places. There are lots of statues and fountains of horses and cowboys and even the signs have a western theme!

There are lots of little boutique shops, art gallerys and souvenir shops interspersed with restaurants and cafes. Two of our favourites are here. Cartel Coffee Lab which is a delicious independent coffee shop and The Original ChopShop Co. which does delicious freshly squeezed juices and has a really interesting sounding menu which is on our list of places to try!

It didn’t take long for the sun to come out and spoil our fun wandering the streets but we’ll be back in the winter so we can explore the shops and restaurants some more!

2 comments on “OLD TOWN SCOTTSDALE

  1. You guys seem to be enjoying Arizona. If you ever make it down to Green Valley, make sure to see the old nuclear missle silo. They will take you on a tour underground in the once top secret location.


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