We got back from our holidays last night and all I wanted to do today was to go out for a walk. I made it to the post boxes and it was too hot, 105°F! So I decided to go to the pool (I think it’s still too hot to go to the pool, I was the only one there! Since the weather hit 100 plus everyday, the pools have been surprisingly empty, I think people probably watch from their windows thinking “why is that crazy girl outside?”)

Usually I swim in a pool that has some shade and I carefully pick out a shady area to sit. Today I just dropped my stuff on a lounger and jumped in. So, today I learnt some important lessons.

  1. Metal is HOT After 5 months, this is still surprising me. Today I burnt my hand on the handrail getting into the pool. Then, as I still hadn’t learnt my lesson, I burnt the back of my legs on the metal frame of the lounger as I sat down!
  2. The floor is HOT!! Somehow I didn’t notice on the way into the pool but on the way out I had to hop,skip and jump back to the lounger to get my feet off the molten floor…which was when I burnt the back of my legs on the frame…hehe, double burn!
  3. If you leave things in the sun, they will get….can you guess it…HOT! Flip flops, when left in the sun are too hot to put back on your already burning feet. Sunglasses are too hot to put on your face. Keys are METAL and so hot hot hot if left out in the sun! Water will taste like a tepid cup of tea, oh and your lip balm will melt into a soft squidgy mess!

Despite this, while in the water, I still enjoyed my very brief swim. I know it’s too hot to be outside for long which is why I find it funny that I forgot to be more careful and leave things in the shade or under the lounger or in the case of flip flops, right at the edge of the pool in some shade to protect my poor feet! On the bright side, at least you dry off nice and quickly and don’t get cold when you get out of the water!


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