It has returned….well hopefully just as a one off, we succumbed to burgers for tea last night!

It was late, we’d been cleaning our new house all day, we’d had problems with our internet…do I need any more excuses?!

This time we chose Smash Burger for speed and ease as it was on our way home, it was 7.30 and we were starving! We’ve been here a few times and every time we’re always pleasantly surprised at how nice it is! The chips are seasoned with salt and rosemary and are really thin and crispy. The main reason I like it is the burgers. You can build your own so if I just want the bun, the burger and cheese, I can have it. Normally when ordering my burger it would be a cheeseburger WITHOUT the ketchup, pickles, mustard, tomato, onion,mayo,sauce and whatever else other people might like but I do not. Here it is nice and simple…bread, meat,cheese and occasionally lettuce if I’m feeling healthy!


These are also fast food burgers, thin and cooked all the way through, just how I like them, although if you’re feeling fancy they have a huge array of topping you can add to your burgers too. We took ours home to eat, hence the plate in the photo….and Chris ate his so quickly I didn’t even get to take a photo so it must have been delicious!

I do believe we got a coupon for free chips next time we go back….that’s enough motivation for me!


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