Actually it IS just food, it’s NOT M&S food…they stopped that advert in 2010, I thought it was still running!

Good old Marks and Spencer….where are you when we need you?! When we moved into our new house in England we had quite a few late night emergency M&S teas. Pasta, mashed potato, vegetables, sandwiches, chicken they have a good range of dependable ready meals that you can turn to in a pinch so you don’t have to keep eating takeaways!

Last night, again after cleaning and moving all day, we needed a quick tea that didn’t involve burgers or pizza. We decided we needed “real food” so we called in at Whole Foods thinking we could pick up some ready made fresh lasagne and blast it in the microwave for a super quick tea. Unlike M&S’s ready meals this one looked so pale that we weren’t sure it was even pre-cooked and didn’t come with any instructions of how to heat it! To be on the safe side and to try to make it more appetizing and golden on top we decided to forgo the quick microwave route and stick it in the oven. We guessed at a temperature and then realized that it came in a paper container that might not be suitable for the oven? After hunting for 5 minutes I realized that I had taken all suitable cooking containers to the new house so we had to create a cooking vessel out of tin foil and hope for the best! After 40 long minutes cooking ( not as quick as we’d hoped!) we scraped it off the tin foil and wolfed our tea down at 9.40pm.

We learnt a valuable lessons from this…. Whole foods prepared food is not an equivalent to M&S, it’s more expensive, more faffy and most importantly….it doesn’t taste as good! Cereal would have been a much much quicker and tastier option…..something to bear in mind next time!


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