You’re excited about a vacuum cleaner!

But this is an all singing, all dancing, cordless hoover…..and it’s pink!

We’ve looked at the cordless Dysons for a few years in the UK. We’ve been to John Lewis and hoovered up the biscuits they crumble on the floor to test them out, we’ve discussed how useful it could be to have a handheld vacuum that actually works but we’ve always chickened out as they’re expensive.

When we arrived here we considered them again but went for a standard hoover instead, which we do still need as you couldn’t do the whole house with the handheld one but boy oh boy is it useful for the stairs, kitchen and little quick jobs!

The reason we finally caved and bought one is our friends mentioned that the Dyson they use is the one they brought from the UK with them…..until then I had automatically assumed all electrical items we buy here are just temporary and a waste of money as we can’t bring them home when we move back….lamps, kitchen appliances, TVs etc…we’ve bought them all as temporary fixes. We’d never properly thought about the fact that some things can be easily converted and as we stood in their kitchen watching their UK hoover make light work of the crumbs we realised we needed one AND we could take it home with us in a few years! Handily, they were also reduced that week in Target and we had a coupon so it actually turned out to be a bit of a bargain…good things come to those that wait!

So far, it has been very useful. It can be handheld for cleaning out drawers and shelves. It can have the floor attachment to do stairs, carpets and tiles. It’s long enough to reach any suspicious black marks on the walls or ceilings that could be potential insects I don’t have to wrap the cord up when I’m finished (one of my least favourite jobs!) I just plug it in and let it charge when we’re done. Oh and did I mention it’s pink?! Hehe, not that that was a deal breaker, just a bonus that the model we decided to get turned out to be a nice cheerful colour!

Ok, enough about the hoover….back to the unpacking!

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