We’ve been back 3 weeks now and boy oh boy have they been a busy 3 weeks. Even with the relatively small amount of stuff we had to move it’s still taken longer than we thought!

Luckily, we’ve still found time at the weekends to do some fun stuff!

We celebrated our friends little boys birthdays with an awesome cake and a trip to the zoo. We were surprised how much there is to do there with a train ride, camel ride, 3D film and lots of animals to see it was a full day of fun in the sun (we were having too much fun to take photos, I only managed one of some flamingos!)

We ate the last of the summer watermelon and strawberries in the sunshine.

We’ve managed to squeeze in 2 trips to Starbucks and try some of their autumn specials….the Washington apple pound cake and the iced pumpkin scone have been our favorites so far.

We made yummy pancakes for breakfast in our new kitchen.

We ate our wedding cheesecake on our anniversary.

We had a visit from a giant earwig, luckily contained in a sink!

October is going to be an exciting month, we’re going to make the most of our new home and the (hopefully) cooler weather.


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