We went to a restaurant called Roaring Fork for our anniversary. I think the name is linked to the fact that most of the food is cooked on an open wood burning fire but in my head I still like to think of a lion sound effect every time I say the name!

We’ve been eyeing this restaurant for a few months, it always seems very popular and the Friday night we were there was no exception, it was jam packed with big groups of people both inside and out. We sat near the kitchen and watched the flames from the oven as they cooked all the delicious sounding dishes and watched the man in charge be very particular over the food he was sending out, always a good sign!

The menu had 3 or 4 things I could have quite happily eaten but as it was our first visit and I hadn’t been feeling too well that day, I played it safe with a burger. Not just any burger though, a thick, juicy, cooked all the way through as I like it burger with poblano chili pepper, cheese and bacon. It came with a cauldron (yep, an actual cauldron) of yummy chips which seemed never ending. Chris had bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with cheese grits and Mexican street corn which he loved. It was beautifully presented and the corn and the grits (still quite a new experience/texture for us) were a lovely combination.

As we were sitting near the kitchen, we saw quite a few of the other dishes which we would have happily tried and we both agree that we’ll definitely go back for another meal and be a bit more adventurous. The service was great. The bread basket contained mini pretzel bites and mini warm cornbread – always a winner!

We passed on dessert as most of the puddings contained huckleberries which we think are blueberry/blackcurrant type fruits?  We weren’t 100% sure! Instead we stopped off at The Cheesecake Factory and got a piece of White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia cheesecake to share. This was our “wedding cake” 2 years ago so it seemed fitting that we get some as a special treat now that we can!

An all round excellent experience and another good restaurant to add to our list!


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