We’re feeling like we’re missing out. There’s pumpkin flavored things EVERYWHERE….they must be worth a try?!

We decided to play it safe and start with a muffin, it’s hard to go wrong with a muffin, right?!

I found this recipe for 3 ingredient pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and gave it a whirl.


This is what tinned pumpkin looks like….very orange!


Not the prettiest muffins, I should have smoothed the tops before I baked them but it was very quick and easy.


The pumpkin gives them a nice moist texture which makes a change from some muffins which can be very dry.


They have a slightly earthy taste thanks to the pumpkin but the sweet, slightly melted chocolate chips balances that quite nicely. I’m not sure I’m ready to fully embrace the world of everything pumpkin but they all got eaten so they must have been alright!


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