Beep beep!!

I passed my driving test woooohooooo! I navigated the dmv office/ticket/number system, theory test, cone test and road test and now have an official Arizona license! The part I find funniest about having to retake your driving test for a license is that if I had failed, I would still have been able to drive myself away from the test centre and continue driving on my UK license…..but luckily that didn’t happen and I can tick that job off my list!


2 comments on “I AM DRIVING IN MY CAR…..

  1. congratulations! Once I had four valid driver licenses at one time. Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and a USArmed Forces in Europe (1955) All had been obtained without incident. But when I went to take the Texas test I thought I had failed the parallel parking . But when the state trooper handed. me the paperwork he said “Just don’t park between any poles.” After that i got the Oklahoma license. later I got licenses for Arizona, New Mexico, and Ohio several times. I have been driving since I was 16, I think that is 65 years.


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