Well, technically it was taco Sunday when we went to the Arizona Taco Festival as part of Chris’ birthday celebrations. Held in a giant sports field there were lots of stalls from restaurants and food trucks all selling $2 tacos. There were margaritas, ice creams, lemonade, a wrestling ring?! and cooking demonstrations.

We got there early, bought our tokens and wandered around the stands before it got too busy/hot!

We really enjoyed the cooking demonstrations. We only had time to see two but we watched the owner of Taco Guild make his most popular taco and it was possibly the nicest taco I’ve ever eaten. That restaurant has made it firmly onto the “places to go list!” We also really liked the tacos from Diego Pops and they won best in festival the day before so that also makes the list!

We tried a few other places that we’ve seen on our travels but those two were definitely our favourites. It was actually a really fun and useful morning. You get to test the food from local restaurants for pennies and find new places to visit. By 1.30pm it was getting really busy and a bit too hot to wander around, oh, and we were stuffed….we’d eaten 10 tacos between us so it was time to call it a day!

It’s an annual festival so we’ll definitely watch out for it next year and we also heard about a pizza festival in November run by the same people so that’s something to look forward to!


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