Last week I went to my first (American) football game. A friends generously bought us tickets as his team the Baltimore Ravens were playing the Arizona Cardinals.

I don’t really understand the rules but in my head this is how it works…the pitch is split into 10 yard segments and you have to get the ball at least 10 yards within 4 plays, aiming to get it to the end zone to score a touch down or kick a goal. The crowd is super noisy, every time the teams gain 10 yards the stadium erupts like they’ve scored a goal so at one point I couldn’t understand how the scores were so low until chris explained they cheer every time they move forward 10 yards, it’s very noisy!


The fans all sit together, home and away fans are mixed which I found a bit strange to begin with as that is not what you would have at an English football, sorry, soccer game! Even though they take their football very seriously everyone was very well behaved though, there were plenty of families there and there was no bad language, again very different from the few football matches I’ve been to at home!


The stadium is huge, it seats 63,400 people and has a roof so is air conditioned which is nice in the heat! When the game is finished the entire grass pitch rolls out of the stadium and is stored outside so the grass can grow naturally and not be damaged by the weather or people walking on it. It takes 75 minutes to roll it out!

One of the best parts for me was that they give you souvenir flags as you go in that you can use to cheer for the home team, a lot of fun!

So that’s two American sports we’ve experienced. Maybe ice hockey next?!


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