This time last week we were getting ready to fly home from our six day trip to Hawaii. We stayed on the island of Kaua’i on this trip at Poipu Beach.

We ate ice cream, shave ice, rambutan, papaya and macademia nut sticky buns. We visited pretty beaches, saw waterfalls and hiked along the edge of Waimea Canyon. We played mini golf in a botanical garden, saw a Hawaiian monk seal having a rest on the beach and watched a Luau from our balcony. We admired the pretty flowers and sang the theme tune to Jurassic Park a lot as it was filmed there!

The island itself is tiny, it’s very green (nicknamed the Garden Isle) which means it can be raining one minute and bright sunshine the next. Despite the rain, almost everything is open air, even the airport in most parts. Most of the roads have a speed limit of 25 or 35 mph, it’s definitely a more laid back way of life! In Maui there were chickens roaming everywhere. In Kaua’i there are huge roosters running wild, it’s quite a sight as they run all over the road and quite noisy when they all start “cock-a-doodle-do-ing”!

Last year we had 18 plus hours of flying to get to Maui. This year it took 6 hours from Phoenix which flew by really quickly. We couldn’t get much closer….maybe that’s a good reason to try to squeeze in another trip next year? We still have two of the main islands that we haven’t visited yet….. it would be a shame not to visit them all!


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