Kaua’i may be small but almost all the food we ate was amazing. Every meal we were spoilt for choice. Here are our highlights…

Breakfast… we had macadamia nut sticky buns or cinnamon rolls or scones or muffins from Kalaheo Cafe & Coffee Company.

For a BIG breakfast… we had pancakes and eggs from Kountry Kitchen with the best hash browns we’ve ever eaten. They were golden and crispy, not oily or messed with, just potatoey goodness! So good, we ate there twice.

Lunch… we had picnics of fresh fruit and treats of ice cream.

Dinner… we each had a favourite meal.

Da Crack (that is it’s real name!) was Chris’ favourite. An actual hole in the wall Mexican takeaway where your food is served on paper plates wrapped in foil and put in a cardboard box for transportation! We ate carne asada tacos and a chicken burrito bowl on our balcony with a lovely view of the sea.

My favourite, Hukilau Lanai was a bit posher, they had real plates, food served on a table not in a cardboard box and a lovely view of gardens. Chris had 2 different types of fish and a skewer of shrimp with a coconut sauce while I had macadamia nut crusted chicken with vegetables and a yellow curry sauce. We forced ourselves to have pudding too – warm chocolate pudding with an oozing chocolate centre and delicious ice cream.

Our final meal was at Dukes which is in the Marriott  beach resort which has an amazing pool, it looks like something in Las Vegas with huge colonnades and waterfalls surrounding the pool. We’ve been to restaurants in this chain before on Maui but this was the first time we ate upstairs in the posher restaurant rather than the bar. Chris had mango BBQ ribs and I had teriyaki beef and citrus chicken skewers. Served with a decorative flower! No room for pudding as we had to get to the airport for our late night flight home but the food was certainly a much nicer way to finish the holiday than eating at an airport or on an aeroplane!

I think we did pretty well for such a short trip. The post holiday diet has commenced!

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