The shops are full of festive M&Ms which we have so far resisted from buying but we had a packet of regular M&Ms in the cupboard which were crying out to be eaten. Instead of eating them straight from the packet (in one go!) I decided to turn them into Browned Butter M&M Cookies.

The recipe is from the Pioneer Woman, one of our favourites. I’m on a mission to try some American baking recipes as so far none of my British recipes have worked properly. Caster sugar doesn’t seem to exist here so I’m having to use granulated sugar which I think is the problem. I either need to buy a food processor and grind the sugar before I bake (sounds messy!) or I need to track down “baking sugar” which has so far proven tricky.


Luckily this recipe worked a treat. These are some of the nicest cookies we’ve ever made. They have browned butter and coffee in them which tones down the sweetness of the M&Ms and makes them taste more “grown up?!” The only thing I need to remember next time is to follow the recipe when it says to make teaspoon size dough dollops. My first attempts were much bigger and made huge cookies….not a bad thing but they all merged together! Other than that they were a huge success and I have my eye on some “holiday” recipes that I might try soon.




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