Last weekend we went to the Phoenix Pizza Festival. This was it’s first year so it wasn’t as large as the Taco Festival we went to in October but it was still well organised and there were plenty of pizzas to sample in the sunshine. It was held in a small park in the downtown area which has a huge net sculpture called Her Secret is Patience. We hadn’t heard of it before but we googled it while standing beside it and found that at night it lights up and looks much more impressive than during the day!

I think we tried about five different slices over the two hours we were there. Everything from pepperoni to artichoke & goat’s cheese, we even tried a white pizza with ricotta which was a first for us. We also saw a Nutella and banana pizza which looked interesting but didn’t get round to trying as we were too full!

Most of the restaurants there had their own wood fired ovens that they’d rolled in especially for the occasion. The smell was amazing, so much freshly cooking pizza. My favourite oven was the one with a face!

Our favourite pizza was from Grand Avenue Pizza Company. It was a vegetarian pizza with a tasty sauce and thin and crispy crust. Another restaurant to add to our list to try! The people and pizza at Lacy & Wendy’s Catering were also really nice so if we ever need a mobile pizza company to come and cater an event, we know who to call!

There are definitely worse ways to spend a weekend than at a food festival!





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