We had a lovely trip to San Diego for Thanksgiving weekend. It was nice and sunny during the day and just a little bit chilly at night. We stayed right on the downtown waterfront in a lovely hotel with a view of the USS Midway from our window.

We had a trip to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve which had views along the coast and rugged rock formations. We walked around Balboa Park and admired the grand buildings. We found the Gas Lamp district (we missed it on our last visit to San Diego) and looked at some of the little shops and cafes.

Our favourite beach was Mission Beach and we walked the 6 miles along the boardwalk twice during our trip, picking out the houses we’d like to own when we win the lottery!

As always food played a big part in our trip. We had 3 amazing breakfast trips which I’ll do a separate post about. We had Thanksgiving at Seasons 52 as it was directly opposite our hotel and they had a special menu so we could try turkey with all the trimmings – cronbread stuffing, maple roasted sweet potatoes, mash, green beans and cranberry relish. The gravy was white and thick which was unusual but very tasty. They also served rosemary bread with pumpkin butter and for pudding they had a mini pumpkin pie served in a shot glass. It was  made up of the filling and the crust in layers with a ginger biscuit on top. A nice way to be able to try a traditional desert but I still don’t think we’re a massive fan of the pumpkin flavour, maybe it’s something that grows on you with time!

Another of our favourite things to do is to picnic. This time we had White Chocolate and Cranberry bread from Whole Foods which sounded so unusual we had to try it. It was actually really nice so we’re tempted to see if our local Whole Foods has the Ginger and Cranberry flavour that was the other option we saw. We also ate two homemade cookies from the Cravery which was a beautiful, tiny cookie shop which does a cookie subscription service so even if you don’t live close you can get their cookies delivered to your door….now there’s a good idea! We sat beside “Model Boat Lake” and watched a race of mini radio controlled sailboats while we ate, it was very entertaining!


4 comments on “SUNNY SAN DIEGO

  1. I heart San Diego! My Mom lived in mission beach a year ago and I went there for Christmas. It was so beautiful and sunny I actually ran on the beach everyday! Ha ha! Oh how the weather can change your attitude. ; ) The Thanksgiving dinner looks delish, the white creamy sauce is kind of my fav. I was really confused with Bisto, I thought it was for soup lols. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassy

    Oh p.s. there’s this app called Deliveroo, I ordered cookies from a shop in London ha ha!


    • We loved Mission Beach, must have been a lovely place to live and good weather definitely helps your mood. Gravy is funny, how the same idea can be so different in two different countries! I can’t believe more people don’t deliver baked goods, I would definitely subscribe! Thanks for hosting.

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