We had three fantastic breakfasts while we were in San Diego.

Breakfast Republic – tricky to park and freezing cold inside as we were sat beside an open door but the food and quirky decor made up for that. We shared a flight of pancakes, one of my favourite things. Three different flavours all on one plate. The Oreo pancake actually had a marscapone filling inside and crumbled biscuits on top so it looked and tasted like a giant Oreo. The apple pancake had big pieces of apple baked all the way through it and the cinnamon roll pancake was exactly that….a cinnamon flavour pancake with frosting swirled through it. The cinnamon roll pancake was our favourite but we cleared the plate of all three no problem, we didn’t even touch the maple syrup on the side, that’s how tasty they were! Chris had a version of eggs benedict with turkey, avocado and crispy breakfast potatoes to help balance out all that sugar! They had light fittings made out of whisks and a funny way of bringing the bill!

Great Maple – this was so good we ate here the first AND last morning. The scrambled eggs with avocado, tomato, bacon and goat’s cheese were delicious, who would have thought that goat’s cheese and avocado would go well together?! Their breakfast potatoes were a potato and spring onion mix which was tasty and crispy like good potatoes should be. Chris enjoyed the fig and olive oil cake the first day which tasted just like Soreen Loaf to me! We went with fruit the second time to “lighten” it up….who are we kidding…because we also shared…..Peanut butter and fried banana pancakes one day which were nice but way too rich even for us. The second visit we shared French toast which is unusual for us but it was crispy and tasty with a good ratio of thick brioche to thin coating with a lovely maple bacon syrup and blueberries to top it off.

If we ever go back to San Diego we’d happily go back to these places. They were some of the best (and biggest) breakfasts we’ve ever eaten!

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