This weekend we saw a lot of Christmas lights.

We went back to the model railway park to see it light up for Christmas. They have decorated the whole park and you can take a train ride around to see all the lights but the queue was over a 2 hour wait on the night we went so we’ll go back another night to try again!

We did do the mini steamer train which is a teeny tiny train you sit on with your knees up to your chin. We saw all the inflatables and quite a lot of lights around the track. They had also decorated the model railway for Christmas which was fun.

This weekend it was also the Carefree Christmas Festival which included an electrical street parade. Not quite the same as the Disney World Main Street Electrical Parade but much better than we’d expected. There were quite a lot of floats, trucks and cars all decorated by local groups or companies.

There was one with a lit up snowman dancing out of the sunroof of a car and a giant lit up santa-cactus which was my favourite.

There were lots of stalls selling crafts and food and even a giant pile of imported snow/ice/slush for children to sledge down! There was a huge firework display which was supposed to start at 8pm but at 7.20 one lone firework went off, followed by the whole show 5 minutes later. We think someone had accidently set them off too early as there was no pattern to the fireworks and there were a few really big clusters of fireworks that would usually be the end of the show but just when you thought they’d finished another one or two random fireworks went off. It was very funny to watch and they were also very close to the viewing area so they really filled the sky. For a free event it was brilliant. Busy but well organised and so many people had their camping chairs lining the parade route, it must be an annual tradition in a lot of households!



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