We had a lovely day here in Arizona, opening presents, eating lots of food and spending time with friends in real life and family via Skype.

Some of our day we stuck to our Christmas traditions. We made a successful Christmas dinner with our first time making Yorkshire puddings (thank you Jamie Oliver) and roasted the beef perfectly (thank you Delia Smith).

We enjoyed my favourite part of Christmas day…beef sandwiches with Lurpak butter (thank you mum for tracking it down), “Southern style Potato rolls” which taste the closest to Marks and Spencer’s buns that we’ve found so far and Seabrook crisps (brought back with us on our last trip).

We wore our Christmas jumpers or “Ugly sweaters” as they’re called here. We have quite a lot of our Christmas decorations here too so it felt very homely and luckily Santa Claus got our change of address so we woke up to full stockings on Christmas morning!



We also did some things a bit differently. We made a delicious toffee cheesecake for pudding, which we’re still working our way through now!


We had lovely sun and blue skies to enjoy all day. We had Christmas dinner at 7pm instead of  lunchtime after all our phonecalls and vists were done which was actually a nice way to spend Christmas evening. We also opened our presents via Skype which was a fun way to be part of Christmas without being there.


So even though Christmas was a bit different this year, we had a really nice few days and can’t wait till next year when we’ll have a 3rd stocking to hang up for Santa!


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