We have been trying to find a Farmers Market that sells fruit and vegetables. It seems unusual to us that two of the markets we’ve been to had no fruit or veg, just crafts and products rather than produce. I was hoping to find markets like the ones we visited in Washington DC but we’re guessing that it’s either something to do with the time of year, most of the markets here start in October as it gets cooler or possibly more likely….there are just not that many places that grow fruit and vegetables here?!

We took a trip to Gilbert to the market which we discovered is actually on year round and finally found kale and tomatoes, success! We also found a new place to go for breakfast, double success!

This was our first trip to Gilbert and after looking around the market we walked along the street and were surprised by how many restaurants there were.

We were tempted by a few (even though we had already eaten breakfast at home, this was more lunch than brunch!) and settled on Liberty Market on the spur of the moment. We didn’t even Yelp it, very brave for us!

The food was delicious. We shared eggs scrambled with goats cheese, courgette, mushroom, pepper and kale which came with yummy breakfast potatoes and a biscuit. We still don’t quite understand biscuits…they’re like a very plain, dry, savoury scone, this one came with honey – we would expect butter?! We also shared a mammoth sized cinnamon roll which was still warm and sticky. They have a wide range of coffees too which sounded good, the cappuccino was nice.

The decor is quite modern and different, like a restored industrial building.

There are shopping trolleys around the ceiling and you can see into the kitchen as you walk to the bathrooms which is fun. One minus point from me….it has unisex toilets, I’ll spare you the details of why I’m not a fan of those…and finish on a high note….the bathroom decor was cool. They write their recipes all over the walls and have kitchen utensils hanging from the ceiling. I hope they’re well attached as I would hate to be knocked out by a whisk!





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