I wish!!…..If I had the choice, this is what I would have for breakfast this morning! I woke up dreaming about it and realised I hadn’t shared the yummy recipe.

Luckily, this is the cheesecake we made over Christmas and even though it was huge and took over a week to eat between us, it’s long gone so I can’t be tempted to eat some this morning.

I found the recipe here and it worked beautifully following the instructions exactly. The only thing we didn’t do was garnish the top as we felt it was sweet enough already.

The base of a cheesecake is very important to me. Digestive biscuits or ginger snap biscuits are my favourite base as they make it crunchy and not too sweet. This base has Graham crackers which are a slightly sweeter version of digestives but overall it wasn’t too sweet. The toasted almonds make it nice and crunchy and Heath bars (a bit like Dime bars) give it a more varied texture.

Adding the crushed Heath bars in a layer in the middle made it look pretty when sliced. We chopped everything in a food processor so all the crumbs and pieces were roughly the same size which worked really well.

FullSizeRender 8

I don’t mind cracks in the top of baked cheesecakes but covering it with sour cream topping and baking again does make it look much better, especially if you were serving it to guests or decorating it.

The recipe seems pretty flexible and as I believe Heath Bars are gluten free, it would be pretty easy to make this into a gluten free cheesecake using some crunchy gluten free biscuits which might make a nice base.

Hmmm now I really fancy some cheesecake, or a muffin, or just some cake…any cake! My bowl of porridge doesn’t seem so appealing!




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