This weekend we took a trip back to the Grand Canyon. We took a different route and entered the canyon through Cameron this time and drove along Desert View Drive to the visitor center.

Our first stop was at Desert View which has a watch tower right on the edge of the rim.


You can go inside the stone tower and walk up the spiral stairs right to the top. It has great views, an observation deck, the inside has petroglyphs decorating the walls and lots of unusual sized windows.

Along the way we also stopped at Navajo Point, Lipan Point and Grandview Point which all have different views and allow you to stand right at the edge of the rim without any fences spoiling the views or picture opportunities. A bit scary with the snow and ice up to the edge in some places!

Our last stop was the visitor center which was much quieter than last time we visited due to the time of year but the views were just as good.

We were very lucky with the weather. The day we visited it got up to around 50F which is much warmer than we were expecting, there was very little wind so in the sun it felt nice and warm. It hadn’t snowed for a few days so the roads and paths were reasonably clear but there was snow on the ground which made it very pretty and a totally different experience from our last trip in March.

Although the weather might make it a bit tricky,  if you get the chance to visit in the winter we would definitely recommend it. We also really enjoyed the Desert View Drive. Hopefully this year we’ll finally make it to the North rim but we have to wait till it reopens in May to start planning that trip!

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