January has flown past…. here’s 10 things we’ve enjoyed.

  • A visit from my parents. Although sadly they’ll be leaving soon, we’ve had a great time with them, showing them around, eating, shopping and doing lots of fun things before the baby arrives. Luckily they’ll be back soon!
  • Our “January Task” was to visit one new restaurant a week. We only managed two, Sauce and Taco Guild as we’ve been taking my parents to our favourite restaurants instead but I’m sure we won’t mind rolling this idea over into February too!
  • We had an awesome trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. We’ve also found new places to visit in Gilbert and Scottsdale. Chris had a quick work trip back to the UK and got to see his family and bring some nice treats back with him.
  • Enjoying the warm winter. It may be slightly chilly here but compared to the horrible weather people in the UK and northern USA have had we’ve had a lovely winter so far. It was 72F some days last week and should be up to 65F by the end of the week again. We’ve even had a few BBQs!
  • Eating ice cream outside in January. Yes, we were by the fire as it was nighttime but still a fun experience.
  • Baby preparations are slowly beginning. We bought our first of many boxes of nappies, sorry diapers! Chris’ friend very kindly gave us some books and a baby carrier she no longer needed. We’re very excited to try it out! Our baby book pile continues to grow…still need a bookcase!
  • We dabbled in the Nespresso game, so far so good.
  • We had our first trip to American Costco. Mum and dad have membership so we went to have a look around as we’ve toyed with the idea of joining ourselves. My main worry is we’ll end up buying a lot of things we don’t need! On this trip we bought croissants (which are actually the nicest croissants we’ve tried since leaving the UK….how we miss M&S!), kitchen roll, porridge oats and dishwasher tablets. Very restrained. We passed on the $12000 bottle of Cognac!
  • Our stock of UK treats were replenished thanks to Chris, my parents and brother.
  • We took a hospital tour and new born care class. We found out a lot of useful information and some more terminology. For example…. I thought a “dummy” here was called a “pacifier”, turns out it’s called a “binky” ?! We have a lot to learn!





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