This is the restaurant that we wanted to try after tasting the tacos at the Taco Festival back in October. It’s taken a while to get around to it, mainly due to my recent Mexican food aversion but last weekend we finally made it!

The restaurant is in a converted church which still has the original pews as seats and some of the documents relating to the church displayed on the walls. The stained glass windows are very pretty as the light shines through them and the huge central light fitting is a great focal point in the high ceiling of the building.

We had a good variety of food. The guacamole and salsa were delicious which is always a sign of a good restaurant. The chips were homemade, crispy and not too oily or salty.

We had an assortment of tacos between us. They were really well filled and a bit messy to eat unless you started with a knife and fork! The vegetable one with fire-roasted peppers, roasted jalapeno hummus and cotija cheese was one of our favourites along with the Tropical Ono fish taco with mango and coconut slaw.

The green chile chicken soup was served in a mini cauldron and was nice and spicy and different to anything I would usually order in this type of restaurant. The beans, rice and margaritas all got a thumbs up too, although obviously I wouldn’t know anything about the margaritas…..maybe next time!

By the time we left it was dark and the building was all lit up. It looks nice at night, the converted church makes it a more unusual setting for a restaurant! The staff were nice, the food was good, it’s made it onto our list of places to re-visit!

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