Another week, another cake recipe. We do eat a “healthy balanced diet” despite what this blog may look like…..but puddings and cakes are a favourite so they’re the things I like to keep a record of! These muffins went perfectly with our Starbucks coffee over the weekend.

Finding a recipe for banana and chocolate chip muffins turned out to be harder than I imagined. A lot of recipes are “healthy” versions involving fancy types of flour or oil which to be honest I have tried in the past and had very little luck with so far. I required full fat, full of chocolate chip muffins a la the Paradise Bakery. This Martha Stewart recipe was the best I could find.

This is actually the second batch I’ve made in 2 weeks, banana and chocolate chip muffins are very important to me at the moment!


I tweaked the recipe 2nd time around, using dark brown sugar instead of light and a bit more cinnamon. I also filled the cases using an ice cream scoop so they were fuller than last time and I think this helped them rise properly over the paper case edge like real muffins should!

Despite using the dark brown sugar, the muffins still look very pale. I baked them longer first time around to try to get a golden brown color but this just resulted in slightly overdone muffins. This time 20 minutes was the perfect amount of time to give nice soft muffins. I’m not sure how to make them a more appealing colour? Any suggestions? I’m thinking about trying wholemeal flour? We’ll see. It really depends whether banana and chocolate is still flavour of the moment or whether I’ve moved on to something else next week!


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