We saw these in Buy Buy Baby at the weekend. I have seen people do casts of their belly before but I didn’t realise you could buy a kit to do it at home?! I wonder how people display them when they’re dry? Do you hang them on the wall? They must be pretty heavy!

FullSizeRender 53

Painting your tummy is also a novel idea! I was wondering how on earth you do it yourself when I can’t even see the bottom of my tummy never mind try to paint shapes upside down on it. Then I read the instructions and it’s actually a team effort, someone else paints your tummy. I guess you then take a picture as a record and wash it off, like a temporary tattoo!

Both of them are fun ideas, although the plaster and the paint are both very messy options! Not something we’ll be doing as neither of us are particularly artistic, but fun things to buy as gifts for people or to do at a baby shower or party! Walking around baby shops is always fun, they have so many things you’ve never seen before!


4 comments on “SAY WHAAAT??!!

  1. I saw these when I was pregnant, but I don’t understand where you keep the cast after baby arrives! Seems like clutter to me. I like the paint though. Cute for baby shower, as you suggest 😘


  2. These make me so uncomfortable! I think a great idea would be to keep a piece of paper (poster board, maybe?) in a corner, and from the beginning until the end, stand in the corner and trace your belly on the paper to see how it changes. I hadn’t thought of that until I was huge, or I would have done it.


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