A different type of cake this week….the non-edible kind!

A lady Chris works with very kindly made us this amazing “cake” for a surprise baby shower that his work threw us. I have never seen a diaper (nappy) cake in real life, only on Pinterest. It’s a fab idea for parents-to-be and makes a great centre piece for a party!

We have never been to a baby shower before, I’m really not sure how common they even are in the UK but over here  almost everyone has one, they go hand in hand with a baby registry (like a wedding registry), again another thing I’m not sure really exists in the UK, we’ve certainly never some across them!

They decorated a room at work with banners and rattles, they had a cake made for us and punch to drink. They even made little favour boxes and gave us some lovely cards and presents.


It was really really nice of them and we both had a great time.  As time creeps on and we’ve been busy attending baby classes and trying to sort everything out before baby arrives, it was lovely to have a little party to celebrate and we were both a bit overwhelmed by peoples kindness and thoughtfulness. I’m now fully converted to the idea of baby showers, they have a real “feel-good” effect and I will definitely be trying to create a diaper cake in the future, I think they’re awesome!



Mummy and Monkeys

14 comments on “DIAPER CAKE

  1. I had a baby shower with Max but I don’t think il bother this time. Nappies cakes are lovely I also got made one the thing was thou I didn’t like the brand of nappie. I see you urs are Huggies they don’t sell them here in the UK anymore.


  2. I love baby showers and they are pretty popular with my group of friends. Nappy cakes are a fairly new one on me, I like the one in the photo! We held one for a friend and had someone come to do mini reflexology and mini facials for people, it was good fun:)



  3. I had a baby shower with my eldest & it really was fun. I’ve never had a nappy cake but always thought they looked really impressive. Glad you had a good time at your shower 🙂


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  4. Aww what a lovely nappy cake. I’ve made them for friends before and little baby sock cupcakes too. I sold them for a while and had so much fun doing it. Looks like a lovely baby shower. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix


  5. Awesome diaper cake! Ha ha! That’s really nice of your partner’s work mates to throw you a baby shower. They’re not common in the UK (I’ve realised when I was pregnant) but they are starting to creep in. My Mom was over here when I was pregnant and really, really wanted to do a baby shower so she put it all together for my friends and I….I basically just made them drink White Russian out of a baby bottle. ; ) Anyway I love the cake, how far along are you?? Thanks for linking up with #StayClassy!


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