As we’re suddenly hurtling towards the finish line and everything is becoming much more real and scary I thought I’d reflect on the second trimester which, just like the books say, I’d refer to as my favourite pregnancy period so far! Yes, there were ups and downs but these are the things that I enjoyed the most as baby grew from the size of a lemon to a cauliflower!!

Despite it being a very busy few months, visiting home, moving house, holiday-ing in Hawaii, San Diego and celebrating Christmas I really enjoyed feeling more normal. At the time I was just pleased the nausea and tiredness had eased up but looking back now I realise how good I felt, I had my energy back. I was able to go about my days with minimal complaints, little discomfort and some days had moments where I actually forgot I was pregnant I was so busy just getting on with things!

Chris being able to feel the baby’s movements was probably the highlight of these weeks. There’s something strangely isolating about pregnancy, no matter how supportive your partner is, in that it’s unique to you. Only you get to experience it, it’s hard to explain what’s happening and you can’t share it so as the weeks went by and the movements got stronger it was a great way for Chris to feel more involved and a constant reminder of their presence…we have a very active baby!

This is a bit of a vain one but a huge positive for me, after the first trimester where I had a few spots my skin cleared up and has been the best I’ve probably ever had. This is a miracle! I was expecting a major battle to try to keep my skin relatively clear but (touchwood) so far so good! My hair also benefitted from whatever hormones were coursing through my veins and it’s been soft and some might even say shiny since week 15!

Being able to drink water again. Still had to force it down sometimes but generally I was drinking like a fish. Which is a good thing as I really think it helped with the round ligament pain and tummy itching as on days when I didn’t drink enough those symptoms got worse.

One of the funniest things we both found about the 2nd trimester was how the bump seemed to grow and shrink or change shape throughout the day, it was fascinating! At every doctors appointment I was measuring exactly on track yet some days I looked obviously pregnant, other days it hardly showed at all, it really did change throughout the course of the day! Clothes also make a big difference, unfortunately the outfit we chose to take my week by week picture doesn’t show the bump progression very clearly, if we did it again I would use leggings and a tight top to get a better shape but it’s fun to take the pictures together and have them to look back on!





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13 comments on “BUMPDATE 2ND TRIMESTER

  1. Look at your cute progress pics! Adorable! You’re absolutely right btw, I completely felt that isolation when I was pregnant! But my husband hardly got to feel baby kicks. Great post, it was like a little trip down memory lane 💕

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  2. Wow! You really popped out at week 23, didn’t you! It’s always interesting to see when mummas-to-be pop out. I’ve had friends who were so excited to *finally* start showing – see world, I’m pregnant, not fat 🙂

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  3. Your bump is so cute! I had that 27week bump at about 13 weeks i think lol That’s fantastic that baby is so active. Best of luck to you in the third trimester 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing with blogger club uk x


  4. The 2nd trimester was definitely my favourite too, once I had a bump probably 20+ weeks that looked like a bump and not just too many dohnuts. It’s so lovely when the dad can feel them move too. Lovely pics and thanks for linking to #PickNMix x

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