This weekend was a busy one, we got lots of jobs ticked off our list.

We went to a car seat safety event and had our car seat checked by a fireman to make sure it was fitted correctly. Chris had done a pretty good job and the man was able to show him how to improve the fit even more and an easier way to instal it for the future. The people were all really nice and helpful. It’s a free event that they run a few times a year which is great as even with an instruction manual and YouTube videos, it’s nice to have an expert confirm that the seat is safely fitted and give us some tips! They also gave us a free teddy bear!

We put our frame collage up on the living room wall. It didn’t take as long as we thought it would and we just need two more panel pins to finish it off. Next we have to pick some pictures to go into the frames, that will take a lot longer than putting it up!

Chris put together the “rock and play” and the bouncer seat for baby so they’re all ready to go in the nursery.

We packed our hospital bags, ready for any emergency!

We went shopping and picked up plenty of nappies in all different types to try out and keep us going for first few weeks. We also discovered that Shake Shack has just opened so we need to plan a trip there pronto!

We spent time in the sun with our friends at Starbucks.

Chris made the most delicious burgers on the BBQ. This has been my most favourite meal recently, burger with avocado, roasted green pepper and  “plastic” cheese served with oven roasted broccoli and brussels sprouts….yum yum!

Hopefully this week will continue to be as productive!

Pink Pear Bear

6 comments on “THE WEEKEND

  1. Wow all the things you need! It’s exciting and lovely to hear about what you guys are up to, hope ur feeling ok , love looking at all your pictures e&l xx


  2. I enjoyed reading this post because it is so familiar! We were getting things ready for our baby just a few weeks ago (and now she is here – ! – using the carseat, bouncy chat etc!) It is a very special time, sounds like you are very organised too. Good luck with birth and beyond! x ps. i need to try avocado on my burgers…

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  3. This sounds all very productive! I love your hospital bag-great choice!! And your burger meal looks amazing…!!!! I love putting guacamole in burgers, and plastic cheese is the best! You must also feel happier knowing that the car seat is fitted correctly. I was so organised with my first baby, but with the second one, I was throwing stuff into a bag while 7cm dilated, because I hadn’t gotten around to doing it!!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!


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