Each month this year I’ve been trying to set us a few tasks so we can focus on one or two of the things we’d like to do or change in our lives. They’re not huge achievements, just little things that come up that we would like to alter or do something about. It’s been working pretty well but I recently came across a few peoples Monthly Bucket List posts and I think this is an excellent way of recording the things we want to do and revisiting them every month to see if we stuck with them or need more time to adjust. I’ve been aiming for three things a month so here is the list for March….

  1. Walk at least 10 miles a week. We like to walk a lot, especially while the weather is still cool enough. I’m not sure if this is too low an amount to aim for as we’ve never really tracked our distances before but it’s definitely achievable so we’ll start there and can build up in future if possible.
  2. Take a photo blogging course. WordPress have a daily course starting in March which I’m going to try to follow along (so you might see a lot of posts of photos soon, depending how I get on!). I’d love to improve my photography especially with a baby on the way and the snazzy new phone that Chris kindly bought me. One day I’d like to do a real photography course as photos are very important to me and I’d love to be able to take nicer pictures but this will hopefully be a good introduction .
  3. Read to the baby every night. This something we’ve tried to do regularly but sometimes we forget. We’re determined this month to do it every day!




6 comments on “MARCH BUCKET LIST

  1. I’ve just started walking more by taking my son to school so that is about 2 miles a day so it soon adds up doesn’t it!
    I really want to learn how to use my camera properly too. My photography really lets me down
    Thanks so much for linking up xx


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