This weekend we were busy doing some finishing touches to our house, trying to make it feel more like a home. In our house in the UK, we had a wall of frames all the way up the stairs that we both loved so we decided to do the same thing here but on a smaller scale and in the living room this time.

It was actually fairly easy to do and we love how it turned out. We found 2 prints that we liked at Hobby Lobby and collected the rest of the frames from IKEA so we can fill them with our favourite photographs. The bride and groom dolls were knitted by mum for our wedding day and I have wanted to display them, safely out of the reach of children, for a long time now. We couldn’t find a shadow box frame deep enough for them so we decided just to hang them in the collage and we think they look awesome, they’re my favourite part! All we need to do now is fill in the blank frames and we’ll have a completely unique display that we can change whenever the mood takes us!

Pink Pear Bear

6 comments on “HOME IMPROVEMENT

  1. (#bigpinklink Your post is before mine again!) We have knitted bride & groom dolls too!! but yours look in better condition than mine because mine have been attacked/loved by our toddler (the bride, me, has a bald patch…) I love your wall of frames it looks very stylish. xx

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