The Blogging University Photo 101 course started a few days ago and each day you are supposed to post a photo that links to a task they have given you, with tips and tricks to try to improve your photography. I might not post them everyday but I’m going to try to do some of them, probably in groups and I’ll put Photo 101 in the title so you know it’s probably just a random photo!

Yesterdays task was to take a picture of a street. This was on our walk last night. The nights are getting much lighter now so the sun is just starting to set and you can still just see the pretty mountains in the background. Not a bad view for an evening walk!

Todays task was to take a picture of water. This is trickier as there is not a lot of water around here unless you count the swimming pools. There is however a random “canal” which we always find amusing as it conjures up pictures of locks, longboats and Rosie and Jim but really it’s just a man-made river. It looks hot even in pictures and there’s no greenery or wildlife to be seen!



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