We have seen drive through banks all over America and always comment on them and wonder how they work. Recently we got the chance to use one as we had some money to deposit – yippee – we were both overly excited at the prospect of drive through banking!

We expected to drive up to a cash machine/ATM and deposit the money in the machine….no no no, it’s much more exciting than that!

You drive up and speak to a person like you would at a drive through fast food restaurant. Next, you take the capsule out of the holder, fill in your deposit form with the pen they provide and put your money into the capsule.

Put the capsule into the tube and the capsule then gets sucked away up and into the roof of the building to the person you were talking to, who you now realise is sitting behind a glass window on the side of the building. (yep, I took a picture of the tube through the sunroof!)

You watch the cashier get up and walk away, do whatever they need to do then come back and send your receipt back to you in the capsule. That’s it, easy peasy, you’re done and you drive away.


It was a lot more fun than it should have been and the cashier probably thought we were a bit nuts oohing and aahhing over everything that happened when to them it’s an everyday experience. To us it was an adventure! As someone that is soon to have a baby, I can really start to see the advantages of all the drive through options here!

Pink Pear Bear

5 comments on “DRIVE THROUGH BANK!

  1. Wow!! Amazing! I agree, as many drive through options the better when a sleeping baby in a car seat is involved!! I see why you were excited, I would’ve loved the novelty and convenience factor of that!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

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