A breakfast place that is close to the hospital….how convenient!

This is more of a “traditional” breakfast place, not as many fancy dishes on the menu but both times we’ve been there’s been a big queue outside and the food tastes delicious!

It also has waffle light fittings, need I say more?!


The portions are huge. To get a good mix of sweet and savoury our best option is to share a Garden skillet which has tomatoes, onion, green pepper, mushroom and hash browns topped with scrambled eggs. You can have pancakes on the side instead of toast which is a big plus in our book….better still you can have their specialty pancakes on the side. The cinnamon roll pancake is amazing with frosting drizzled on the top, it is way over the top for breakfast time (we tend to eat here at brunch time which makes it a little more acceptable?!) but a yummy treat. One meal definitely serves two…and we have a doctors appointment next week…I’m off to look up the opening times!




A Bit Of Everything


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